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Why we got started.

We started this festival back in 2005 as we wanted to organize a festival that encompassed only a positive atmosphere! We want students to remember why they started dancing, not because they can win gold but because they love to dance. Every student will be awarded a medal and we want them all to walk away proud of their accomplishments whether they win Bronze, Silver, or Gold.


We also wanted to make sure that our festivals recognized the hard work of the teachers as it seemed apparent to us that sometimes the teachers get forgotten, so we have a teachers room available for all teachers & their families to enjoy where we serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the festival. We also offer every teacher a welcome package! 


We also believe that the best way to run a successful festival and meet our goal of a positive atmosphere was to ensure that we are on sight and available for questions throughout the entire festival. 


Family is very important to us, so we have many volunteers that are our family and we strive to make everyone that attends our festival feel as though they are a part of that family!

Who We Are.

Nicole Hawkes 

Nicole was born and raised in Calgary & has been dancing most of her life. She taught dance for 11 years before taking a break to be a mom to her two beautiful daughters, she will be returning to the studio this year to re-ignite her passion for dance.

Other than a love of dance, Nicole also has a passion for business obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2008 with a major in accounting and then moving on to achieve her Chartered Accountant designation in 2011.


Nicole and her mom Debbie formed Class Act back in 2005 when Nicole was only 19 years old, over the years she has helped to take the festivals to all new levels. She is our go to for just about everything related to the events but has a main focus on the behind the scenes such as emails, registration, scheduling, etc. You may not see Nicole much at the festival, but you will definitely hear her as she is our EMCEE!

Debbie Chambers -Wilton

Debbie has owned and operated a dance studio in Calgary for 40+ years! She has a passion for dance like no other, and loves to share that passion with just about everyone she meets!

Along with her daughter Nicole together they formed Class Act back in 2005, it had been a dream of Debbie's for many years to take her love of dance beyond her students but to many more. Debbie is the experience behind Class Act, the people she knows and the places she has been have helped make the events the success that they are today. You can see Debbie just about everywhere at the events, always ready to help out and make sure everyone is having a great time!

Shannon Galenkamp

Shannon like her sister Nicole was born and raised in Calgary with a passion for dance that started at a very young age. Shannon too teaches dance and has been since she was 16, she is constantly learning and trying new things with her students.


Shannon was lucky enough to continue her dance career throughout high school while attending and graduating from Central Memorial Performing Arts program in 2006. 

Although Shannon has always been a part of Class Act (she competed at the festival for many years too), she officially joined her mom and sister back in 2013 when we started Class Act Take Two. She jumps in and helps every way she can! She is very hands on with Nicole in the background but you can also see her running the backstage chaos and be everywhere in between!

Grandma & Grandpa (Jean & Doug)

These two need no introduction, they are the heart & soul behind the festivals. They love to chat with each & every person that comes through the door and you better believe they will remember you from year to year. 

So who are they? They are Debbie's mom & dad, and Nicole & Shannon's grandparents. They have been running our front desk since inception and they wouldn't have it any other way! Be sure you say "Hi" at th next event!

Class Act Dance Promotions Inc.

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